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Chryzinium Trailer

About the Film

John Gussman and his daughter, Madison are subjects of a post-apocalyptic era in which the controversial life altering drug, Chryzinium is no longer a choice, but extraterrestrial law, if one wishes to survive. They have a choice to make. To be a part of a new Chryzinium world or not. A family forced to make a choice.


Chryzinium Stills


Chryzinium-PosterChryzinium Poster - Phillip WadeChryzinium Poster - Phoebe JacobsChryzinium Poster - Tim Mark-Wade


Rick Lord

Rick Lord as John Gussman

Phoebe Jacobs as Madison Gussman

Phoebe Jacobs as Madison Gussman

Tracy Webber

Tracy Wachter Webber as Elizabeth Gussman

Tim Mark Wade

Tim Mark Wade as Cory Gussman

Phillip Wade

Phillip Wade as Eli

Edward Stiner

Edward Stiner as Luke

Danny O'Donnell

Danny O’Donnell as Young Cory Gussman


Matchlight Films/Ambition Pictures are pleased to announce the premiere of Chryzinium on September 23 at the Grand Theatre in Salem, Oregon. To RSVP, visit the Facebook event page here. For more information, please download the official press release below:

Download Press Kit

Download Press Kit



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